An old endeavor becomes new! 

New!!!! >>>>>

I began carving 15 years ago and then moved and no longer had a workshop. I have recently restocked my workshop and I am inspired to create rocking horses once more. 

The horses completed and shown in the photos have been sold. The selection of pieces in various styles and stages of completion are available. I will be posting them individually as available and you will be able to choose color of horse, markings, and mane or tail color. 

Rocking horses will be made available in several sizes with a different price point . The difference in price is in relation to the detail of the work : simple cut out to completely carved.

My main focus at this time with be the "Rocky" rocking horse design from the Rocking Horse Shop in England.  You can view their catalog here:

You may decide on colour of the horse, tack etc. I can even create a horse that resembles one of your own - with markings and colour!

The beautiful tack seen on the rocking horse below is also available . Please view the catalog here:

Used Horse Above Now for Sale

Click Here for PDF Sale Flyer


This can only be delivered locally - it is very large.

carved wooden horse on gliding stand

Click this image to view my blog on the large rocking horse