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Why I build rocking horses.

The love for rocking horses really began when I was about 3 years old. My parents had purchased a small jumping/rocking horse for my sister, but it quickly became my favourite toy as well. ( much to the chagrin of my sister! ) I must have spent hours riding it! 

Jump ahead many years and the family had a beautiful palomino pony named 'Danny Boy' . This pony established a love for the equine that has never been broken.  He was such a wise and fun pony...and full of mischief as well! The adventures with Danny could fill volumes!

Over the years many wonderfull horses would walk through my life inspiring me to capture them in drawings and paintings...and later on in sculptures and carvings. The 3 dimensional art is what quenched my cravings to create. 

That is why my main focus now is that of carving. The side bonus is that now I can inspire other children as I once was at that tender age of 3.

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